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Why Community Days?

The Community Day is the one day each week that we get together at the school for a more traditional classroom experience. Teachers use this time to help emphasize skills and for larger projects, students use the time to socialize and have fun while learning. 


Kindergarten comes for half of a day, while grades 1-8 come for the full day.  

This is one of the more exciting parts of our school, allowing students to experience a more traditional classroom while still maintaining the flexibility of a homeschool curriculum. 

Since this is a required part of our school, attendance is required, as mandated by state law.

Community Days Schedule


     Kindergarten  9:00 - 12:00

     Grades 3-5 9:00 - 2:30 


       Grades 1-2  9:00 - 2:30

       Grades 3-5  9:00 - 2:30   

       Grades 6-8  9:00 - 2:30

Note:  There are two sections of grades 3-5.  Students will be attending either Tuesday or Thursday, but not both.



Grades K-8 engage in physical activity during both recess and physical education, when scheduled.  It is important that children engage in physical activity for various reasons, including physical conditioning.  However, studies also show that physical activity does improve one's ability to think and process.



South Columbia Family School wants to provide enrichment activities for our students.  These are extra-curricular and not required.  But, they are highly recommended.  They may involve a family night with entertainment, a field trip to a play or museum, or a day of community service.

Such activities promote the student in terms of providing opportunities that many may not have in a traditional school setting.  See "News and Events" for some of our activities.

These are also open to your whole family, and are a big part of what makes South Columbia a FAMILY School.