THE  SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS are now held on the second Thursday of the month, beginning at 1:30.  Meetings will be in the school's office.

Please let us know 24 hours in advance if you need any accommodations to attend.  
​Office Phone:  503-366-9009

​We are part of the Scappoose School District; located off Berg Road and Highway 30 to the left of Warren Elementary School.

Vickie Weaver - Office Manager
Office:   503-366-9009
Fax:        503-366-9010

Ray Brown, Principal

South Columbia Family School (SCFS) is a non-profit k-12 charter that receives public school funding for its operations. It is governed by a board of directors and operates according to a charter agreement with Scappoose School District.



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Board Members:
Kelly Follett -

Sandi Curelo -
Eliza Ferrin, Treasurer -

Samantha Cousins--scousins@scappoose.k12.or.u1

Board Policies

September Minutes

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