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Grades 3-5 (Valena Taber, Teacher) 


Grades 3-5 meet on either Tuesday or Thursday (as assigned). The 3-5 Grade Community works diligently on math skills, including multiplication.  Project-based learning is a focus for some of the instruction.  Cursive writing is encouraged, with support from the learning coaches.

Parent Resources
English and Language Arts

Although from Britain, Family Learning is a good resource for phonics and other skill developments


Math is such a critical part of our foundation for learning.  Math games will help reinforce these necessary skills.

Flash cards are an important tool for learning math​Basic math is critical for higher level math development.  This site begins at counting and progresses forward to more difficult math.


There is not always enough time to complete science experiments.  However, this site will allow you to do some at home.

Social Studies

Geography is critical to understand all aspects of the social studies.  Geography games will help students learn about both U.S. and world geography.  Different levels are given to assist.

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