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​Grades 6-8  (Shawn Thibodeaux, Teacher)

Middle School Expectations This link will provide you with critical information regarding the expectations at the middle school level for SCFS.


Grades 6 - 8 meet on Thursdays.
The 6-8 Grade Community works on developing writing and math skills.  Much of the instruction is cross-curricular, incorporating such diverse subjects as math and art (MART).

Middle school is using Gradelink this year for attendance and grades.

Parent Resources
English and Language Arts

UEN--gives a variety of skill-based strategies to assist students with English/Language developmen
IXL--this is a wonderful website that reinforces both math and English skills


Khan Academy--provides many instructional resources, but specifically in math.  Log-in must be created
Math Planet is a good resource for math from pre-algebra on


Brain Pop will provide good information in multiple areas of study, including science.

Social Studies

Mr. Donn Site--Mr. Donn provides a lot of good information on social studies, grades K-8, but more specific to middle school
Geography games online is wonderful for learning about the world

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