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Students of the Month
Kindergarten:  Luke Richmond
Grades 1-2:  Sarah Dagle
Grades 3-5:  Norah Paul
Grades 6-8:  Ally Bruner


Art Fair

This year, the students of SCFS will be participating in an art fair to engage the artistic side of each child.  As Picasso said, "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."  

Various forms of art will be available to see, all produced by our K-8 students.

Monthly Events


Each month we will make an attempt to provide some type of extra-curricular activity.  We will continue to offer a periodic film, the family swim day, bowling, and a welcome-back night for our families.



Swim Day

Instead of having swimming lessons this year, we have decided to have a swim day at a pool, enabling us to have a wonderful time with our families.

This will be an indoor activity due to the colder time of the year.



Theater Performance


Hopefully, we will be able to attend another theater performance sometimes in the spring term.  

Upcoming Events


June  9/ll 

Last Community Day

June 11 

School Picnic at Heritage Park

Thursday after school

Chess Tournament continues

December 24

Winter break begins

January 7

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