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Ray Brown, Principal

This is, hard to believe, my sixth year at SCFS.  During this time, I have learned a lot, met a lot of nice people, and realized that it truly does take a village to raise a child.
I graduated from San Diego State with a double major in history and English, and a minor in science.  I attended graduate school at Cal State, San Bernardino, with a dual Masters in Education and History.  I have taught at the high school, community college, and university levels.  
My wife and I live in Warren, having a son who teaches math at Pacific University.  Two other sons live in Kansas and Nebraska with their families.  My wife is a volunteer wish granter for Make-a-Wish.  As a family, we enjoy the symphony, hikes, our goofy animals, and international travel.
I have been fortunate to travel a great deal in my lifetime, mainly through Europe.  My favorite places have been Italy, Ireland, Hungary, and Norway.  Along with travel, I enjoy reading, gardening, writing, soccer, and good food.

The picture is one taken at Montserrat Abbey outside of Barcelona, Spain.

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Valena Taber, Grades 3-5 Teacher


I have been working at SCFS since 2008 and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  


I grew up in Carson City, NV, and moved to Oregon in 1999.  My husband and I have two boys who we are so very proud of.  They are hard-working contributors to society with financial sense and they both have great looks & personalities. 


My husband and I sold our house and all of our belongings in 2019, paid off all of our debt, bought a 5th wheel, and camped out on some friend’s land for about a year.  We were very lucky to find 5 beautiful acres with a creek in St. Helens.  So, in 2021, we started building our new home.  It has been an incredible experience and exhausting! I’m so blessed to have a husband with such amazing talents.  


Besides teaching, I love cooking, baking, gardening, playing games, and hanging out with my family.  My dream is to have a home in Florida to spend winters where the sun shines.

Picture of Mrs. Taber and her husband in front of their new home.


Valena and Dave 2.jpg


Alison Norton, Grades 1-2 Teacher


I started my teaching career at SCFS during the 2011-2012 school year, and have enjoyed being involved in such a unique program. 
     After growing up in Scappoose, I began my college education at PCC, but soon transferred to Portland State where I earned my Bachelors of Science degree majoring in Social Science. After lots of tutoring and working with kids, I decided to attend Concordia University, where I received my Masters of Arts in Teaching in 2010. 
   Beyond teaching, I enjoy cooking, baking, painting, and being outside. You can also find me working various Longview Parks and Rec camps and activities, mostly in the summer. My husband and I love to travel, exploring new restaurants, as well as making new memories with our niece and nephews. 

Alison Pic.jpg

Shawnathan Thibodeaux, Middle School Teacher


Born in California but raised in Boise, Idaho, I grew up surrounded by good family and friends. An avid reader since childhood I have always been fascinated with stories, which really drew me to language arts and history. I have wanted to be a teacher since middle school, and am very happy that SCFS has welcomed me into their family.

I have worked all around Portland teaching a variety of subjects, and grade levels but am very happy to settle down here in Warren, Oregon.

I have a 1 year old son, born May 17th, named Moss and a wife whom I love dearly. 

My time outside of school is spent with my family and my friends, playing board games, computer games, watching movies, walking, hiking, and enjoying the company of my two cats, who do their very best to avoid my now very mobile one year old! 


Audrey Reasoner, Office Manager

Born in San Jose, CA, Audrey grew up in Pittsburgh, PA then came to Oregon in her teenage years. She graduated from Hillsboro High School and then worked in the Publishing Industry where she has several years of experience creating and finishing publications and materials that help people and industry. In the middle of her career, she took time with her family to serve those less fortunate including those overseas as missionaries to the Phillippines and Trinidad. Helping people overcome hurts, receive healing and get to their potential in relationships, health and heart is her passion. Audrey has been married 40 years and has two daughters which are a joy in her life. She loves family arts & crafts, board games, cards, puzzles and get-togethers with others. To her, relationships and the friends/family she invests in are the success in her life and to see them built up is doubly gratifying.

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