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South Columbia Family School was begun in the 2003-2004 school year.  The school, a public charter school, is part of the Scappoose School District, but has its own Governing Board and budget.  All faculty and staff are hired by the Governing Board.

Since it is a public school, it is required to follow all Oregon statutes and rules regarding education.  Attendance must be kept, grades must be completed, and all required documentation must be submitted to the Oregon Department of Education.  Our teachers and staff must, yet, meet the basic requirements of the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, as designated by the state.

The premise of this school was to support families who home-school their children, with providing materials and academic support on a weekly basis.

Although we welcome students from other districts, we may give priority to those who reside in the Scappoose District or Columbia County.

South Columbia Family School is a public charter school which works with parents who choose to home-base their children's instruction.

We follow state standards and guidelines and provide the curriculum and resources for families to use for their enrolled students.  

Students attend school one day per week (Tuesday or Thursday) and have an additional hour individually with their teacher for reinforcement and helping parents with the curriculum.  We have flexibility and small classes size, making for a school that truly community based.

Mission Statement
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South Columbia Family School is a charter school where students, parents, staff, and the community partner to set high academic standards to be achieved through home, individual, and group instruction.

Our History

SCFS, as a K-8 school, has been in existence since 2004, but was originally at Otto Peterson Elementary School in Scappoose.  In March, 2008, we moved to the current site, with an addition built in 2010.  High school was added in 2015-2016, but dropped the following year.

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