Welcome to SCFS

South Columbia Family School is a public, K-8 charter school that specializes in assisting parents who choose to home school their children.  Children attend the school one day per week during their Community Day with required conferencing and on a periodic schedule.   All courses follow state curriculum and state guidelines for instruction.  All required material is supplied by the school.

We, also, believe that security for our children is critical.  Hence, we have exterior cameras and non-transparent glass for safety.  SCFS does participate in SafeOregon, an agency where students or others may report threats or acts against students.  Contact them at www.safeoregon.com.

SCFS Closed
Per Governor Brown's order, SCFS is closed until further notice.

34555 Berg Rd.

Warren OR  97053

Office:  503 366-9009

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday, 8:30 - 4:00


Student of the Month

Each month, a student will be selected from each age group community to be recognized.  The recognition is made by the teacher based on academics, behavior, improvement, or some other criteria.  See. "News and Events" for the most recent students to have been recognized.

If you have questions about our Distance Learning, enrollment for the fall term or about how the school operates, contact the principal, Ray Brown at


Community Days

Community Days will begin at the appointed times and days as scheduled by the teachers.  

Please be prompt in bringing your children to the school.

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