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South Columbia Family School
               34555 Berg Rd.
              Warren OR  97053

                     503 366 9009
                            Ray Brown, Principal

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South Columbia Family School is a public charter school which works with parents who choose to home-base their children's instruction.

We follow state standards and guidelines and provide the curriculum and resources for families to use for their enrolled students.  

Students attend school one day per week (Tuesday or Thursday) and have an additional hour individually with their teacher for reinforcement and helping parents with the curriculum.  We have flexibility and small classes size, making for a school that truly community based.


SCFS is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all students.  Since we want to ensure this safety during COVID, masks are required.  The following are examples of our current protocols:

1.  All staff are vaccinated.

2.  Masks are required, both inside and out.

3.  Social distancing is followed.

4.  Washing of hands is encouraged.

5.  Good air flow with high grade filters and room purifiers exist.

6.  We currently follow the 7 day quarantine policy (based on OHA's recommendation)

7. We participate in the test-to-stay program.

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