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Welcome to South Columbia Family School.

Contact information for the principal is listed below.

Admissions to SCFS is based upon available space.

The school is limited in its enrollment.  Call the office to see available spaces. 

If you want your child to be put on a waiting list, you must complete the registration form and the records request.  Contact the office for those forms.

Our Agreements:
SCFS agrees to:
1.  Plan and deliver specific courses that are in accordance with SCFS mission, philosophy, and charter outcomes.
2. Use SCFS preferred instructional strategies in the classroom.
3. Meet weekly or biweekly with student and parent/learning coach at the agreed upon date and time.
4.  Accurately maintain and record student attendance, instructional hours, and student performance outcomes.
5.  Work with families to create and adhere to student's ILP.
6.  Monitor student progress to meting goals.
7. Provide lessons, instruction, and student assessment.
8. Work with families to select state-accepted instructional materials.
9.  Assist families with identifying community-based learning activities that align with the program.
10.  Keep the SCFS administrator informed of families' satisfaction or concerns with the SCFS program.
11. Provide trainings to parents/families as beneficial.
Parents/Learning Coaches/ Students agree to:
1. Help crate and follow student's ILP (Individualized Learning Plan).
2. Provide support and coaching, as per your child's ILP.  Attend courses as outlined on Student's ILP.
3.  Complete learning activities at home as required by course instructors and as outlined on the ILP.
4.  Adhere to state requirements for attendance for Student.
Meet weekly or bi-weekly with licensed Teacher at the agreed upon date/time and bring in up-to-date work.
5.  Complete assigned work at home as required by Teacher.
Use instructional materials approved by state and SCFS.
6.  Contact Teacher when needed.
7.  Provide transportation of your child to the school.


To request more information:

Contact the SCFS Office

Tuesday-Thursday am - pm

503 366-9009

You can also request more information with this form.  Please put contact information in your message.

Success! Message received.

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