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Grades 1-2 (Alison Norton, Teacher) 


Grades 1-2 meet Thursdays.

The 1-2 Grade Community continues with the skills learned at the kindergarten level, but at a more advanced level.  Projects are included in this community, along with language and math development.  Learning centers continue to be used as an instructional method.

Parent Resources


Phonics games provides an entertaining site for learning spelling and some basic phonics
Kizphonics breaks down the basics into categories with games included.
Although from Britain, Family Learning can be a good resource for phonics


Flash cards are an important tool for learning math
​Basic math is critical for higher level math development.  This site begins at counting and progresses forward to more difficult math.


Education. com has some wonderful science experiments you can do at home.
Kidzone also provides some wonderful activities in science
​Science games for 1st and 2nd grade

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